Gifts to the Zoo Society support the mission of PDZA by providing resources for the Zoo's recreation, education and conservation programs, its animal collections, and its permanent and temporary exhibitions. In addition to general support of the Zoo you can designate your gift to select programs.

Education – Gifts designed to Education efforts support programs to connect the community to animals and nature.

The Conservation Act for Tigers – Gifts designated to Tiger Conservation will support anti-poaching patrols and community education efforts in Sumatra as well as continuing the Species Survival Plan for this species. It will also help save their forest habitat, increasingly threatened by the production of non-sustainable palm oil. Learn about how PDZA has taken a leadership role in their “Paws for the Cause” campaign giving community members a voice to ask companies to produce palm oil using more wildlife-friendly methods to protect tigers and other Southeast Asian wildlife.

Shark Conservation – Gifts designated to Shark Conservation will support the protection of sharks worldwide through local and international conservation projects and innovative education programs.

Animal Care – Gifts designated to this fund will support the needs of the animal ambassadors living here at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. These needs include food, enrichments, exhibitry enhancements and healthcare.

Conservation – Gifts designated to the general conservation fund support many initiatives managed by a committee focused on Species Survival Plans, environmental and more.

Greatest Need – Gifts designated to this fund support a variety of projects, animals, operational support and any other needs that arise outside of the budgeted expenditures of Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

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