About the Zoo Society

The Zoo Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit fundraising organization whose purpose is to lend financial support to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

The Zoo Society generates support for Zoo and Aquarium exhibits, education programs, scientific re-search, conservation activities, animal husbandry and care, capital projects and resources.

Funds for programs are generated through annual fund gifts, grants, individual donations, corporate sponsorships and fund raising events. Contributions can also be made to the Zoo Society Endowment Fund.

View The Zoo Society’s Donor Privacy Policy (PDF).

Our Vision

The Zoo Society engages our community in support of the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium’s education, conservation, research and preservation efforts through the Pacific NW, the Pacific Rim and beyond.

Our mission

To provide and promote financial, volunteer and community support to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. The Zoo Society supports PDZA in their efforts to promote responsible stewardship of earth’s limited resources through education, conservation, research, preservation and recreational opportunities.

Board of Directors

    • President

      Sue Mauermann

    • Vice President

      Heather Parkinson-Firestine

    • Secretary

      David Smith

    • Treasurer

      Michael Gintz

    Zoo Society Staff

    • Sue Mauermann

      Interim Executive Director

    • Lisa Johnson

      Senior Development Director

    • Paige Allen

      Executive Assistant
      & Development Associate

    • Mary Davidson

      Event Coordinator

    • Laura Shaw

      Donor Relations Specialist

    Board of Directors Continued

    • Jeanne Archie
    • Pamela Baade
    • Dr. Bonnie Becker
    • Kim Burkes
    • Susan Caulkins
    • Stanley Chapin
    • Larry Dahl
    • Cathy Early
    • John Guadnola
    • Mike McGuire
    • Cameron Moorehead
    • Josiah Penalver, MD
    • Lisa Peterman
    • Matthew Schemp
    • Jeff Steed
    • Dr. Ric Torgerson
    • Karen Veitenhans
    • Dr. Ugo Uwaoma
    • Nick Wright