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Animal Care


Animal care is anything that supports the health, welfare, and comfort of the animals.

Animal enrichment focuses on improving the animal’s psychological and physiological well-being through providing stimulating activities and enhancing their environment. Enrichment activities include different forms of play that would emulate what they may be doing in their natural environment.

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Climbing structures

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Introducing different sounds, smells, objects

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Other stimulation that would enhance the animal’s well-being

When you donate to The Zoo Society, your gift will contribute to supporting the care and enrichment for our animal ambassadors living at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

Are you interested in helping to support animal care and enrichment?

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Animal conservation is how we practice being responsible stewards of the earth’s limited resources by protecting animal species and their habitats from extinction.

Why are these species at risk? There are several threats to animals and their habitats, such as:

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Habitat destruction/degredation 

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Habitat fragmentation

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Climate change

At The Zoo Society, we work hard to make an impact and to protect our beloved animal friends who are endangered or at risk of extinction. When you donate, you can be assured your gifts are making a difference by contributing to the welfare of our zoo animals, and those at risk in our region and beyond.

As of 2021, The Zoo Society, with help from the Zoo, has generated over $2 million dollars in support of many key conservation projects all over the world.

A good portion of these contributions has gone to support key projects launched by The Dr. Holly Reed Wildlife Conservation Fund. This Fund supports projects and programs that pass an arduous grant review process and averages annual contributions of $150,000-$190,000 for between 10-20 projects.

Some of these projects include Marine Conservation, Enhancing Polar Bear Tracking Technology, Red Wolf Conservation, Conservation and Research of Carnivores of Southeast Asia, Elephant Conservation in Sumatra, and Zoo-Based Research and Conservation Initiatives. 

Every gift empowers passion for wildlife and helps support the mission and vision of The Zoo Society.

Support Conservation

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At The Zoo Society, we highly value education and raise support designated to the education programs at PDZA that connect the community to animals and nature.

We believe that education is a key factor in the conservation process. The Zoo Society helps create opportunities for education at the Zoo by funding interactive exhibits and live presentations that allow children and adults the ability to connect with animals and the world around them.

The hope is that these experiences of:

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Action – Promotes the growth and development of our future conservation leaders.

Help support these programs and initiatives today.