A Friendly Reminder For You and Your Neighbors

A Friendly Reminder for You and Your Neighbors

It’s no secret that wildlands and spaces are being reduced at rapid rates around the world.

According to The Conservation, just 23% of the land worldwide is deemed wild or unharmed from human life and industry impacts. And that does not include Antarctica. Many remain hopeful that the dwindling wilderness can be saved, but it will take some intentional effort from some of the world’s biggest countries.

However, we believe that effort can start with you. Yes – you. And maybe your neighbors, too!


Here are three easy ways how YOU can make a difference:

  • Build up natural habitats (in your yard, neighborhood, and local community)
  • Clear out any trash from the brush
  • Ensure that no tools or toys are obstructing trees, bushes, etc.

You may not think about it in your day-to-day, but these environments often serve as natural homes to your area’s local wildlife. These critters need safe spaces to breed, feed and live. When they can do so comfortably, they also play a bigger part in the local ecosystem than you might remember – birds spread seed, bees pollinate flowers, spiders and snakes keep insects and rodents in check, and this all helps us keep our personal spaces comfortable in turn.

Join us in our efforts at the Zoo Society by helping these creatures maintain their environment. When we do this, they help us do the same, improving the health of our local ecosystems and greater wilderness.