A Field Trip to the Zoo

A Field Trip to the Zoo

The first visit for many local students __ “It’s a beautiful day!” said Roosevelt Elementary kindergarten teacher Melissa Pick. After a spring downpour the day before, teachers, chaperones, and the 114 students alike were delighted for a sunny, dry day for a field trip to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. Plus, it was the first […]


A young teenage fills out a form while standing on a beach amongst a crowd of all ages.

What do we mean by animal conservation? At The Zoo Society, we work hard to make an impact and to protect our beloved animal friends who are endangered or at risk of extinction. When you donate, you will have peace of mind knowing that your gifts are making a difference, contributing to the welfare of […]

Conservation – How You Can Help

A beautiful white arctic fox.

It’s time to dive into conservation. Our oceans, and the animals that live in it, are being threatened everyday by humans, industry and climate change. Pollutants like single-use plastics, oil, boats, and nets can choke or harm them. Carbon dioxide is warming their world. By taking action today and choosing reusable items instead of plastic, […]

Your Donation Dollars At Work – Dental Radiography Unit

A zookeepers works with a dental radiography unit.

Thanks to YOUR donation dollars, we were able to get a new dental radiography unit to help our animals with dental needs. “We used it for the first time on Friday to diagnose dental abscesses in one of our meerkats. I can definitely say that I would not have been able to diagnose and treat […]

Your Donation Dollars At Work – Dental X-ray Machine

Employees at the Point Defiance Zoo hold up parts of the new dental x-ray machine they acquired.

The holidays came early for some of the caregivers at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium! Your generous donations allowed us to purchase a new portable dental x-ray machine ? for the animals. This dental imaging unit will allow the keepers at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium to get images of animals’ teeth, even on small animals, like […]

Kegs For Suki

Asian elephant walks through their habitat at Point Defiance Zoo.

Have you ever wondered…. What exactly is animal enrichment? Here’s a wonderful example. After months of waiting, Suki, the elephant was finally able to play with two modified kegs donated by Harmon Brewing Co. that were stuffed with grapes and hanging in the elephant habitat. To get to the tasty treats, Suki has to manipulate […]


Four women smile while looking at a ferret.

Connect. Inspire. Act. How we connect! I am the Zoo Society. You Are The Zoo Society. We are the Zoo Society. When you connect and contribute, you make an impact, and you are part of the much larger whole. At The Zoo Society, our aim is to help create meaningful connections and develop relationships between […]

Animal Enrichment

Black & White Ruffed Lemur

What is animal enrichment? Animal enrichment focuses on improving the animal’s psychological and physiological well-being through providing stimulating activities and enhancing their environment. According to Smithsonian’s National Zoo, enrichment activities would include different forms of play that would emulate what they may be doing in their natural environment. Other examples may include toys, climbing structures, […]


A young teenage fills out a form while standing on a beach amongst a crowd of all ages.

What do we mean by education? Education ignites the brain and inspires the soul. At the Zoo Society, your gifts contribute to supporting educational programs that connect the community to animals and nature. This provides an abundance of educational opportunities both physically at the zoo, and virtually. As a Vision Keeper, you will have educational […]