2017 Conservation Projects

A majestic Sumatran Tiger creeps through a grassy area near water.

2017 Funded Projects : Marine Mammal Research and Conservation A key focus area for conservation funding is the study and conservation of marine mammals of the Arctic and understanding the impacts of climate change in this environmentally sensitive region.  Tracking polar bears in Canada: Polar bear researchers will deploy up to 40 GPS ear tags on male […]

2017 Dr. Holly Reed Wildlife Conservation Fund Projects

A red wolf looks to the left while standing in a grassy area.

Zoo-based Research and Conservation  Enhancing animal reproduction through hormone monitoring: Over the last twelve years, PDZA has used non-invasive studies of endocrine hormones to enhance reproduction of clouded leopards, red wolves, Asian small clawed otters, walrus and other species. This grant will fund work using our in-house lab at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park to gain timely […]

2018 Conservation Projects

A beautiful clouded leopard looks to the side.

Shark Research and Conservation  With the opening of the new Pacific Seas Aquarium, we’re pleased to be funding several projects focused on improving our knowledge of shark behavior. Most shark species are poorly understood and are believed to be suffering severe declines in numbers due to unregulated fishing and death through bycatch. Gaining accurate information […]

2018 Dr. Holly Reed Wildlife Conservation Fund Projects

A polar bear walks through a rocky area.

Assessing polar bear fur growth Polar bear researchers gather blood, fat, and hair samples to analyze bear nutrition, contaminants and other environmental factors during the short annual spring field season when bears are accessible on or near land. Hair samples can provide especially important information on how diminishing sea ice impacts bears since hair is […]

2019 Conservation Projects

A pair of tortoises swim in beautiful blue water.

Marine Conservation PDZA is committed to the study and protection of our marine environment. Many marine species, such as sharks and sea turtles, are poorly understood and are declining in number due to unregulated fishing and death through bycatch. Gaining accurate information on marine animals’ critical areas for feeding and reproduction and engaging local communities […]

2019 Dr. Holly Reed Wildlife Conservation Fund Projects

A walrus swims through water at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.

Walrus reproduction This ongoing research project is a collaborative effort among zoos to study walrus reproduction to improve breeding management. Objectives of the study include monitoring male and female hormones, monitoring sperm production, monitoring female reproductive organ anatomy through ultrasound, and preservation of semen samples.  Sumatran tiger reproduction Since 2017, researchers have been developing methods […]