Your Donation Will Help Us Inspire Generations of Passionate Ocean Conservationists

A Call to Action

Our call to action creates a sense of urgency for each of us to take personal responsibility for protecting our ocean. Each visitor will learn about conservation history and walk away with actions he or she can take to help protect our marine environment. Visitors will be encouraged to become stewards of the ocean, fostering a sense of community and individual empowerment.

Waves of Change has a simple yet crucial core philosophy: present dynamic experiences that will inspire our visitors to take actions that will shape the future of our ocean.

A critical component to the successful opening and long-term health of the Pacific Seas Aquarium and its inhabitants is the Aquatic Animal Care Center, located in a separate building known as the Aquarium Annex.

There are two purposes to the Aquatic Animal Care Center.
Quarantine: A space to monitor the health and provide medical treatment for sick or injured animals.
Nursery: A place for young animals to grow to an appropriate size before moving into the new aquarium.

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