About the Exhibit

Six jellyfish tanks, including the only globe-shaped exhibit in the United States, will provide homes for these colorful invertebrates as they dance and swirl through circulating, illuminated waters.

The Pacific Seas Aquarium will include six jellyfish species, ranging from translucent moon jellies to crimson-hued lion’s mane jellies that can grow up to 6 feet in diameter.

Your investment into this rare view of the colors, shapes and graceful movement of these beautiful animals will inspire hearts and minds to protect the wonders of our oceans.

Species Spotlight: Jellyfish

“People love jellies because they are so mesmerizing,” says staff biologist Chad Widmer. “Just stand and watch them for a while. You get drawn in. You get sucked in. It’s awesome!”

Fun Facts

  • They have no bones, no brains, no blood.

  • Jellyfish catch prey with stinging tentacles, but most are harmless to humans.

  • They help maintain the life balance of the world’s oceans, feasting on zooplankton, small crustaceans and other life forms.

  • They are often in groups called swarms, smacks or “jellyfish blooms.”

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