E.T. The Pacific Walrus

E.T. came to Tacoma as an orphan in 1982 and quickly became a cherished member of our community and an outstanding ambassador for walrus conservation. Even after his passing, he continues to inspire all of us to care about walruses and other Arctic mammals and the perils they face due to climate change.

This new E.T. Walrus sculpture will provide a hands-on engagement opportunity for all visitors and staff before they enter the Zoo. Visitors will be able to “high five” E.T. before they enter the Zoo. The Sculpture will highlight the Zoo’s longstanding leadership in global walrus conservation.

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About the artist

The Zoo Society and Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium are thrilled to announce that Matthew Gray Palmer from Friday Harbor, WA has been selected to create the bronze sculpture of our beloved E.T. the Pacific walrus. Matthew Palmer has created some amazing work at other Zoos and organizations and brings an incredible skillset in capturing the essence of the piece being created.

Here is his website for reference of his past work. We are very excited to have him working on this project.

Commitment to Conservation

etbaby2jpeg-xlWalruses are flagship animals here at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium engaging visitors in conservation action, fostering caring attitudes toward wildlife, and demonstrating our commitment to caring for animals at the Zoo and in the wild. The Zoo Society’s Dr. Holly Reed Wildlife Conservation Fund has provided support to a critical walrus research program at an Alaska Department of Fish and Game sanctuary in northern Bristol Bay to help support further research on these magnificent animals and the effect of climate change on their environment.

In bronze form, E.T. will once again deliver that signature welcome wave, reminding us all that a day at the Zoo is always fun and inspires us to care about animals and conservation.