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About the Exhibit

At 250,000 gallons with a 32-foot long viewing window, Baja Bay will be the marquee feature in the Pacific Seas Aquarium. Amazingly, it will arch 9 feet overhead so marine animals can swim above visitors, creating a feeling of being immersed inside the exhibit.

There are two green Sea Turtles in Baja Bay, Azul is a diva, but curious. Sunny's more a chill kinda guy.

  • Enjoy the electrifying array of sealife

    This spectacular, warm-water habitat will include a diverse sealife including, hammerhead sharks, green sea turtles, spotted eagle rays and other sea life from the Gulf of California.

  • Take Action

    The Gulf of California is seriously threatened by overfishing, drought and resort development. Baja Bay is designed to emphasize the perils facing this important body of water. We are confident that visitors whose hearts are touched by the animals of Baja Bay will be inspired to take conservation action on behalf of these extraordinary species.

  • Diversity of Marine Life

    Home to several types of whales and more than 900 species of fish, the Gulf of California is recognized for its rich diversity of marine life.

Experience Marine Life of the Gulf of California.
This species is new to PDZA, watch hammerhead sharks swim!

Species Spotlight: Hammerhead Sharks

SHARKS! Visitors will walk through the entry doors and come eye-to-eye with scalloped hammerhead sharks—through a glass window, of course. The beautiful animals—new to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium—are part of the large warm-water Baja Bay exhibit. Watch the hammerhead sharks swim. It’s just the beginning of a journey to greater understanding of these ocean predators of the deep and the importance of taking action to protect them.


  • Sharks are essential to ocean health.
  • They are top-level predators that help maintain the balance in the marine food web.
  • Sharks reach maturity later in life.
  • Many do not start reproducing until they are 10 years or older, and many species give birth to only a few young.
  • Adopt a Hammerhead Shark here.