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september is national save a tiger month

It is no secret that tigers around the world are facing extinction at an alarming rate. According to the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, as of August 2021, 97% of the wild tiger population has waned, leaving less than 4,000 tigers in the wild. Conservation efforts worldwide are rallying to the big cat’s side, but […]

A Friendly Reminder For You and Your Neighbors

A Friendly Reminder for You and Your Neighbors

It’s no secret that wildlands and spaces are being reduced at rapid rates around the world. According to The Conservation, just 23% of the land worldwide is deemed wild or unharmed from human life and industry impacts. And that does not include Antarctica. Many remain hopeful that the dwindling wilderness can be saved, but it […]

Limited Tickets Available for Dive-In Under The Sea Event

Dive-In under the Sea

On July 15, 2022, join us for a summer night including an aquatic experience like no other with an outdoor gourmet dinner and live auction. You will get to see first-hand how we care for our aquariums and meet the crew who take diligent care of our aquatic life. All while enjoying cocktails, appetizers and […]

Our First in Person Event of 2022

Mocktails with the Keepers - Presented by the Zoo Society

On June 10th The Zoo Society hosted our first child oriented fundraiser, Mocktails with the Keepers! Despite the rainy Friday evening over 100 people threw on their rain jackets to enjoy a family friendly night of fun. From Dippin’ Dots to Carousel rides and everything in between, it was hard not to smile the whole […]

A Field trip to the Zoo: The first visit for many local students

A Field Trip to the Zoo

__ “It’s a beautiful day!” said Roosevelt Elementary kindergarten teacher Melissa Pick. After a spring downpour the day before, teachers, chaperones, and the 114 students alike were delighted for a sunny, dry day for a field trip to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. Plus, it was the first visit to the zoo for many of […]

Mocktails with the Keepers

Mocktails with the Keepers - Presented by the Zoo Society

Kick off the summer as a family by loading up the car and joining as at Point Defiance Zoo for a family-friendly event! Friday, June 10th we are hosting our first ever Mocktails with the Keepers. Support animal enrichment as you learn from the keepers who care for the animals in the Kids Zone, Animal […]

2017 Conservation Projects

A majestic Sumatran Tiger creeps through a grassy area near water.

2017 Funded Projects : Marine Mammal Research and Conservation A key focus area for conservation funding is the study and conservation of marine mammals of the Arctic and understanding the impacts of climate change in this environmentally sensitive region.  Tracking polar bears in Canada: Polar bear researchers will deploy up to 40 GPS ear tags on male […]

2017 Conservation Projects funded by the Dr. Holly Reed Wildlife Conservation Fund

A red wolf looks to the left while standing in a grassy area.

Zoo-based Research and Conservation  Enhancing animal reproduction through hormone monitoring: Over the last twelve years, PDZA has used non-invasive studies of endocrine hormones to enhance reproduction of clouded leopards, red wolves, Asian small clawed otters, walrus and other species. This grant will fund work using our in-house lab at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park to gain timely […]

2018 Conservation Projects

A beautiful clouded leopard looks to the side.

Shark Research and Conservation  With the opening of the new Pacific Seas Aquarium, we’re pleased to be funding several projects focused on improving our knowledge of shark behavior. Most shark species are poorly understood and are believed to be suffering severe declines in numbers due to unregulated fishing and death through bycatch. Gaining accurate information […]

2018 Conservation Projects funded by the Dr. Holly Reed Wildlife Conservation Fund

A polar bear walks through a rocky area.

Assessing polar bear fur growth Polar bear researchers gather blood, fat, and hair samples to analyze bear nutrition, contaminants and other environmental factors during the short annual spring field season when bears are accessible on or near land. Hair samples can provide especially important information on how diminishing sea ice impacts bears since hair is […]